Love and Photography

Love and Photography

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

21 October 2013

…and of course they want to look good whilst enjoying themselves.

These are some images of the most recent fun photography sessions that have been happening while I’ve been installing a portrait studio in my North Portland loft.

The space has large, floor to ceiling windows, creating lovely natural light portraits is a treat year round. I have gorgeous, soft, wrap around light until about 2pm.

My vision is to have a place where grown up gals can come to play dress up and enjoy pretty without pretense–have hair and make up styled, invite a friend, make it a girls day out. Wear a vintage tulle and lace frock or that slinky something you bought but haven’t yet had the occasion to wear…

This is, my lovelies, the prefect combination of lenses and lipgloss.

portrait portrait

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  • AnnaOctober 21, 2013 at 11:17 pm 

    Oh yayayayayayay!!!! Love this!! And LOVE Andrea’s pic…. so very cool!!! You rock Jai!