Love and Photography

Love and Photography

Jonah Sacks’ Bar Mitzvah

04 October 2013

I understand the answer will be “no.” I want to ask Dana and Jeremy Sacks anyway: please have another Sacks kiddo. I know it’s selfish, but I’m not ready for this to be the last Sacks mitzvah. Since Hannah’s bat mitzvah a couple of years ago, I’ve enjoyed photographing the Sacks family a half-dozen times or so. It’s a privilege telling an important part of the story of these kids growing up-the coming of age celebration that heralds the inclusion of their participation as adults in their faith. Okay, so it’s also bittersweet to notice how, even without...

Danny Mendelsohn’s Bar Mitzvah

06 July 2013

The speech Danny prepared for becoming bar mitzvah was thoughtful and inspiring. As I was photographing an excited Danny and his proud family preparing for the service I had an opportunity to hear him speak about knowing gratitude. To listen to a newly minted teenager talk on such a perceptive level about being grateful for family, community, and life experiences-be they good or difficult-was humbling. It was also a graceful reminder to be thankful for the people, events, and things in my life. Of course, I’m always grateful when I have a camera in hand! At Portland Art Museum’s renowned...

Jonah Zigman’s Bar Mitzvah

15 May 2013

Q.How much fun can you have at Jonah Zigman’s Bar Mitzvah? A.The sky’s the limit! Jonah’s international travel themed party at the Nines had an all access VIP pass to fun. International food buffets, Voodoo donuts, an airplane shaped candy “bar” and a colorful (crazy straw required!) non-adult beverage lounge were on the in flight menu. The featured movie was a slide show retrospective of the awesome things Jonah does: snow sports, water sports… hey-wait-did I see him skydive and race dolphins too? I’m not sure-but I did find out that a lot of the film’s...