Love and Photography

Love and Photography

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

21 October 2013

…and of course they want to look good whilst enjoying themselves. These are some images of the most recent fun photography sessions that have been happening while I’ve been installing a portrait studio in my North Portland loft. The space has large, floor to ceiling windows, creating lovely natural light portraits is a treat year round. I have gorgeous, soft, wrap around light until about 2pm. My vision is to have a place where grown up gals can come to play dress up and enjoy pretty without pretense–have hair and make up styled, invite a friend, make it a girls day out. Wear...

The beautiful and slightly strange

11 October 2013

Revisiting older works often have that “wow, look how far I’ve come” feel. Occasionally you unearth a gem. For me, one of the things I’ve always admired about photographers (like Sarah Moon, for an example) is the ability to use the medium in a painterly way. I have also had a long time love affair with actually painting on the photographs themselves, trying just about everything to imbue a b&w photo with that painterly quality: acrylics, food coloring, tea and coffee tinting, water colors, and of course, the popular Marshall’s photo oil paints and pencils. It...

Jonah Sacks’ Bar Mitzvah

04 October 2013

I understand the answer will be “no.” I want to ask Dana and Jeremy Sacks anyway: please have another Sacks kiddo. I know it’s selfish, but I’m not ready for this to be the last Sacks mitzvah. Since Hannah’s bat mitzvah a couple of years ago, I’ve enjoyed photographing the Sacks family a half-dozen times or so. It’s a privilege telling an important part of the story of these kids growing up-the coming of age celebration that heralds the inclusion of their participation as adults in their faith. Okay, so it’s also bittersweet to notice how, even without...

Cheyenne and Erik’s Wedding at Camp Turnaround

24 August 2013

Although Camp Turnaround is a mere 45 minute drive from Portland (and a lovely scenic one at that) Cheyenne and Erik’s wedding felt secluded and rustic. Old growth pines surrounded the cozy Gales Creek wedding site, a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony that took place in what appears to be, like the barn the party moved into for the reception, one of the newer buildings on the property. A pretty white gazebo and a miniature cottage both had mossy rooftops. This added to the camp’s countryside appeal. Combine with a weathered playground, Cheyenne and Erik’s fun, loving, and fun-loving...

Cheyenne & Erik’s Wedding

14 August 2013

Cheyenne and Erik celebrated their seriously fun wine country wedding at Camp Turnaround in Gales Creek on August 10th. Here are a few sneak peek images! More to come…

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