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Jonah Sacks’ Bar Mitzvah

04 October 2013

I understand the answer will be “no.” I want to ask Dana and Jeremy Sacks anyway: please have another Sacks kiddo. I know it’s selfish, but I’m not ready for this to be the last Sacks mitzvah.

Since Hannah’s bat mitzvah a couple of years ago, I’ve enjoyed photographing the Sacks family a half-dozen times or so. It’s a privilege telling an important part of the story of these kids growing up-the coming of age celebration that heralds the inclusion of their participation as adults in their faith.

Okay, so it’s also bittersweet to notice how, even without heels on, Hannah has grown taller than me. And while his sister, as I recall, did seem a bit nervous to speak in front of her congregation, Jonah seemed quite cool about it. He asked his family to wait outside the sanctuary while he rehearsed-not out of anxiety-but because they were having a good time catching up (you can tell by the smiles and constant laughter) and it was distracting. You gotta love a happy and chatty family.

If you attended the celebration for Jonah at Irving Street Kitchen you would know why I’m asking for another:

A fabulous jazz trio welcomed guests into Irving Street’s locally loved and nationally known rustic dining hall. The centerpieces brought bright fall harvest plants into the rich wood interior with hops on the vine, vivid orange cherry tomatoes, deep green kale and perfect golden citron fruit commemorating the observance of Sukkot.

Of course dinner was delish, and dessert a delight of mini cupcakes and lemony blackberry topped tarts and cookies… oh my.

The real reason I want another Sacks’ mitzvah: the dancing. The pure joy of seeing Dana and her sisters cut a rug to “It’s Raining Men.”(I can’t make this stuff up.) A horah dance that makes me, standing on a chair in order to take it all in, fearful for my safety and thrilled to be there regardless.

The last one for this family. They’re growing up. Thank you all, and congratulations, Jonah!

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2 Responses

  • AlisonOctober 05, 2013 at 4:36 pm 

    What lovely words. You captured the event so beautifully with your photographs, but I love the blog post, too.

  • AnnaOctober 07, 2013 at 11:16 am 

    Great photos Jai! Loved the ones with all the boys jumping.